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Adding space to your home does not need to be stressful. AGC can take your project all the way from conception, to construction and completion.  

Let our team help you with the design, architecture, engineering, permitting, and construction.  We are experts in construction and project management so we can maximize your budget while minimizing stress.  

Here is how we bring your project to life.  

Addition Construction and Framing
Design and Architecture for an Addition


AGC makes the conception phase of the project simple.  With our design and build concept, we architect and engineer the space.  Our designers then provide 3D renderings of the space so you can preview various materials.  We then handle the permitting for the project.


From here we put together a project plan and proceed to construction.    

Addition Construction and Framing


We always plan out materials and execution phases up front.  We use software that enables you to stay updated with the progress, while enabling our crew to stay focused and efficient.

We will be in constant communication over phone, email, and thru your dedicated project managers to make this process stress free.  

Completed Addition


Voila!  Your project is complete.  Our company values constant communication, impeccable customer service, and attention to detail.  

Your project is backed by a one year labor warranty and every project is backed by insurance.  

So it really is stress-free!  Come see why AGC is different from the rest. 

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